Perfecting the Imperfections

I have written about this a lot. In my journals, poetry, words to get out, to help me heal, personally in private. I have debated a lot about whether or not to post this, I have debated with myself that to post this is to open myself up in a way that for a long... Continue Reading →

Country Girl meets City Slicker

Sometimes I wondered why I moved here, don’t get me wrong. I love it, every time I walk past Louis, or the plaza, eat at another orgasmic tasting restaurant, or practice yoga in the park I say a silent thank you to the gods above for letting me live here. But let’s be honest there... Continue Reading →

Aging the Journey

Another year. Another age, do I feel older? Well from yesterday? Uh no. Sorry. I see the crestfallen faces. No twenty-three does not feel different from twenty-two, give it some time people it has only been sixty -eight hours* Isn’t it funny how people automatically assume these transformations? Transformations don’t just happen. You can decide... Continue Reading →

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