What is in a Google Name

As a writer Google is your best friend. Especially in todays day and age. You need something? You Google it. It has become a Verb. A way of life for us Millennials. Their have been other search engines that have tried to compete, yet pale in comparison to Google and its near magical search engine. As... Continue Reading →

Oscar Nominations in Fashion

Awards season has culminated tonight at the Oscars. Every road has led to this. And no, I am not talking about the blood sweat of the nominations, but the clawing of nails to get the best dressed of the red carpet. All season their have been risk takers. Then their were those who bore use to... Continue Reading →

Yoga for a Cause

This afternoon I had the great privilege of moving and grooving on my mat for an hour for a great cause: The American Heart Association. It was taught by the amazing Tanya Bolton of Tanya-B fame. If you haven’t yet checked out her clothes they are amazing! She and her partner Anna Chung do amazing... Continue Reading →

Coffee Junkie

There is nothing like a good cup of joe. As a self proclaimed coffee junkie, I live for it. I like to think it gives me some kind of superpower, but the sad truth is, I am one of those people who just likes the taste and the smell. "To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee... Continue Reading →

The Muse’s Witching Hour

Having the muse strike you, is great, but sometimes I wish she would respect business hours and visit between the hours of nine and five. Like now. It is two in the morning and I would like nothing more to sleep. Instead I am up writing because "inspiration has struck." Really, it can kiss my... Continue Reading →

Human Connections, not objects

Nothing beats seeing a live event. Whether it is a concert, play, or a Broadway show. The energy and the excitement of the crowd can only be felt by being there. The interaction between the performers and the audience. The human connections. This past week I have been blessed to attend two such shows. Two... Continue Reading →

Fashion to Empower You

Growing up my aunt use to tell me, "You have to go through pain to be beautiful." She would say this as she was ripping my hair out from the root, brushing it to get my fly aways smooth. Twenty years later I still shudder at those memories, but I am also reminded of how... Continue Reading →

Boston Charm

It was a 24 hours of speed in Boston. We came. We saw. We conquered. And it was so worth it. I got in around eleven, yesterday morning (up since four so thank God Bostonians are smart and drink Starbucks besides Dunkins) We were able to check in early at the Hilton by Faneuil Hall.... Continue Reading →

The Epic StoryTeller Tour

Epic. Exhilarating. Amazing. Incredible. Those are only some of the words I have to describe the Carrie Underwood concert in Boston. My word repertoire is seriously underdeveloped by what I witnessed last night. I don't even know where to begin. I had seen her nine years ago, at a fair in Vermont. She was getting... Continue Reading →

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