Adventures in Boston

I realize this is probably Blasphemous to say as a girl born and raised in New England. But I have never been a lover of Boston. Gasps! ~Cue shock and horror~ It is true. With my mom from New Jersey and close to my grandparents. I always felt a kinship towards New York more so... Continue Reading →

Written progress

I have been journaling for as long as I can remember. I always had a diary and still have them saved at my parents house from the time I was six. When I was twelve you could argue that the first social media experiment -even before Myspace-  was LiveJournal. I know. I know. I am... Continue Reading →

Mermaid Tears

I was helping a friend create a blog the other day and we were going through names. Well as a writer I know Google is my best friend for finding names. As a fellow seaglass huntress I thought it would be cool for her to incorporate the name into her blog. She ended up settling... Continue Reading →

Ankhors Away

I love the ocean. I know redundant statement, but it is true. The smell, the waves, even the gritty parts people abhor like the sand getting everywhere, and the salt water. I love it all. It is my happy place. It is my peace. If we could choose heaven, mine would be the ocean. Through... Continue Reading →

THE Idea

A question asked by many. What is your process? Writing process that is. Many times I have no idea how to answer this question. You would think as a type A personality (most of the time) I would be organized in my writing, starting with outlines, notes, washboards, etc. This makes me laugh. Because it... Continue Reading →

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