Pen and Caffeinated Ponderings

Adult Coloring -No Not a SATC Reference

I am addicted to adult coloring. No! Not like that! Please get yo’ head out of gutter! Seriously, though, I pinky promise I am not being dirty and yes it is a real thing. And yes they really do need to find a better name for it. Last summer a good friend (and fellow Gemini,… Continue reading Adult Coloring -No Not a SATC Reference


Find Yourself in Never, Neverland

“In a place so far away We’ll be young That’s how we’ll stay Every wish is a command We will find ourselves in Never Neverland”   The first time I saw “Finding Neverland” I was a blundering ball of emotional mess. It didn’t help I was running late, which I abhor with a passion. Timeliness… Continue reading Find Yourself in Never, Neverland