Le Modernist Ecrivains Cafe

My time in France helped fuel my caffeine addiction, and created a new one for french cuisine. It taught me how incredible outdoor cafes are, and that the coffee experience is truly an art form to be cultivated and savored.

Yes French coffee truly is the best, even at midnight, where espresso shots are equal to vodka jello shots there.

And while I cried, when I came back to an experience where outdoor coffee shops were rare, and establishments were itching to kick you out after forty-five minutes, I quickly rejoiced at the discovery of a very special French bakery and cafe in Manhattan.


In fact it could be considered the French version of McDonalds except that would be bastardizing this chic establishment.

For while Maison Kayser the brain-child of Renown chef Eric Kaysed, has quite a few locations through out the city and the world as a whole, each location is like stepping off the streets of Paris into the cultural epitaph that IS France.

From the trendy spin on the fluer de lis to the menu with the French names, but English descriptions. And while always busy, in true Parisian fashion, the hospitable, attentive staff will let you sit for hours even if the only thing you order is a cappuccino. But why would you? When the food is just as good as the environment.


It is a writers dream, one where you can almost imagine you are channeling Hemmingway and those of the Lost Generation in 1920s Paris. Inspiration is only a French press away.


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