What Happens in Greenport stays in Greenport

Let me first begin this with, I survived! Secondly, let me state I can never show my face in Greenport again – joking…Kinda To say it was a fun weekend, would be a huge understatement. Having never been to Greenport before, I had no idea what to expect. It is touted as the less prentenious, cheaper… Continue reading What Happens in Greenport stays in Greenport

Pen and Caffeinated Ponderings

Write, Write, Write Every Day

“Writing is really very easy. Tap a vein and bleed onto the page. Everything else is just technical.” ~ Derrick Jensen I have been writing since I was out of diapers. Chicken scratch with stick people turning into scribbles, finally turning into something, albeit briefly, legible. Ideas, journaling, leading to essays and novels. I write… Continue reading Write, Write, Write Every Day