What DO I Wear?!?! The Fashionista’s Interview

“We all have personal brands and most of us have already left a digital footprint, whether we like it or not. Proper social media use highlights your strengths that may not shine through in an interview or application and gives the world a broader view of who you are. Use it wisely.” ~ Amy Jo Martin

As a fashionista, attempting a job in the strict corporate world can be difficult.

Oh those bloody dress codes!

It is a balancing act of becoming just another corporate machine robot in a black suit or letting your fashion flag fly high. And the interviews! You want to strike the right tone of business, without losing who you are as a person.


While there is something incredibly sexy about a classic black suit, their is no need to blend in with the masses to be business chic. In fact in today’s day, letting a little personality shine through, is a good thing. Thankfully corporate America is relaxing its criteria, but alas it still makes it stressful to figure out what in blue blazes to wear.

I recently had to channel my inner I am woman of the business world self and don that power suit. Which I found is much easier during the frigid blustering winter months and not when it is one hundred and five degrees out. Thank you New York City heat wave.


As someone who sweats a lot, this was no bueno. Thankfully I had a few outfits for my meetings that wouldn’t make me look like I had just run the New York City marathon.

While I have a few outfits to pick from, my go to is a blue sheath from BCBG. It hits at my knee and had a longer back so I wasn’t worried about pulling a Brittany Spears. I paired it with a black sweater and black Stuart Weitzman Stilettos. Of course I may or may not have snuck my sweater on right before I entered the building. Thank god for air conditioning!


// Sweater: lulu Lemon // Dress: BCBG Max Azria // Wedges: DSW // Blue Bracelet: Henri Bendel // Lace Bracelet: Anthropologie // Clutch: Bait Bags //

Another outfit which can work for either summer or winter and goes more along the lines of USB’s antiquated dress code is a black skirt which hits past my knee, though it does have a slit I was not afraid to use to my advantage. (joking I swear!) I paired it with my white peplum top and a black suit jacket. I finished it with my Weitzmans. After all you need a power shoe to go with a power outfit.

What do you wear when you need to channel your inner corporate self?

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    1. I agree completely. Especially for interviews. You want to look your best, not like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! Thankfully I rarely have to worry about something being short on me. If it is, watch out! lol. Awe thanks love! ❤

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