What DO I wear?!?! The Summer Fall Transition

Probably the hardest part of a fashionista’s style is knowing what to wear when the seasons begin to change. Sadly it isn’t like the Misers where the weather stays the same. Nope, if you live on the East Coast it is going to change like Kim K’s outfit choices every hour.

Which is why not only is layering the Amy to my Tina. It is an absolute necessity as mother nature goes through the “Change.” The “Change” that I swear just snuck up on me in the last week. Alas I had already begun to restock my fall wardrobe due in part to Anthro having a “Kill my wallet must have” sale.

As a writer, pants are only on a need to don on when going out to civilization moment. And with the weather being so hot this summer (not complaining I love it, remember that oh Weather Gods this Winter) shorts and dresses have been my best friend.


// Top: Pleion  // Vest, necklace, and bracelet: Anthropologie // Jeans: White House Black Market // Booties: Ivanaka Trump // 

Alas all good things must come to an end even with fashion.

I do not abide by the no white after Labor Day rule. I love white and nothing screams crispness then white jeans. With the heat I was unable to wear my jeans, so I definitely have to make-up for some lost quality time.

My white jeans are form White House Black Market and are perfect for petite curvy girls. they have zippers up the side making them stand out from just your basic white denim. The material is softer and cozier then typically found in jeans, making them the perfect transition from Spring to Summer to fall.

One such trick is muting your color palate. While I will wear bright colors year round, pairing them with white jeans is a sure way to scream Montauk as opposed to Adirondacks.  transitioning from bright to muted, makes the statement that yes you hear that Fall truly is coming.


// Top: Anthropologie // Jeans: White House Black Market // Booties: Ivanaka Trump // Cuff: Light House Designs //

I have been pairing them with T-shirts in earthy tones, and long heavier vests giving them a definitive fall vibe without screaming it out to much (after all it still is technically summer). It is just the right touch that says it is coming without being here yet.

On the few nights it has been chilly, I chose to wear a flowy  three quarter length blouse with a vest. It added just enough warmth without making me look like I am from Florida.


// Top: Pleion  // Vest, necklace, and bracelet: Anthropologie // Jeans: White House Black Market // Booties: Ivanaka Trump // 

To finish the look I I have switched my summer foot wear from beachy lace cork wedges, to solid wood sandals and suede booties.


How do you transition your style through the seasons?

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