What Do I Wear?!?! Leather and Lace

“Leather and lace is such a sexy combination.” ~ Brad Goreski


Leather and lace might seem like a misnomer. One invokes images of bad-assery and bikers while the other brings to mind demure and tea party gloves at least to my inventive mind. Yet the two go together like donuts and coffee. They tone each other down making it less boudoir and more city chic. Which is why I am absolutely in love with this outfit. It truly is one that you can dress up or down, wear it while acting like a tourist by day and then transitioning to an avant garde restaurant at night with little fuss.


The Janie Halter Dress: 

I found this dress at where else? But at Anthropologie. I had walked past it three times giving it the stink eye, feeling a pull, but making excuses every time. I had even tried on dresses on racks next to it, but refused to touch this one. Yet, it kept calling to me, “Try me on. Please try me on!” It would whisper as if the wind was swishing the chiffony lacey fabric.


It wasn’t the third but the fourth time that was the charm though. I was in the store with my friend and she urged me to try it on. Hesitantly, I added it to the pile. I was sure it would look horrendous, but like with other dresses and shirts my friend has persuaded me to try on, and then buy, I fell in love.


Photos taken by the incredibly talented Amanda Lanne-Camilli 


The burgundy color was one I generally don’t wear unless it is on my lips, but it was surprisingly flattering with my hair color and skin tone. The halter cut, is one I have always loved due to the favorable way it shows off my shoulders. While I had been worried it would be to long, the handkerchief hem roughly hit my ankle creating the perfect balance with my body. If it had been shorter, it would not have given off the same attitude as I swirled and twirled and it went right along with me giving some sass. With a cut out near my cleavage it was both daring and sexy while the lace off set that with the feminine details. It really was the perfect fall dress!


The (Faux) Leather Jacket:

This is actually a jacket I had bought four years ago at H&M and it has lasted me through numerous Falls, into Winters and even the blossoming of Spring. Many times I have run into cheap faux leather, which looks like it was made in the eighties and just needs a pair of go-go boots to go with it. I have had jackets crack, or regardless of how many times I wear it or spray it with perfume has a funky smell. Not this jacket. In a moto style with numerous zippered pockets, while the price was a huge bargain, this jacket is not cheaply made. Designed to look like distressed leather, it has never become the worst for wear. It is a jacket that I absolutely adore and is perfect for fall. With a shorter length that hits just above my waist, my short girl self knew it was the perfect jacket to pair with my dress.



I actually kept my accessories simple. I was originally going to wear my stiletto booties, but with mother nature going through a hot flash I stuck with my lace wedges which despite being summery, matched well with the lace pattern on the dress.


I wore my pink sea glass tassel necklace from SeaMilligan Designs, because I am obsessed and carried my pink Tory Burch Perry Tote. I was channeling all the fall colors I could this season.


What do you think of this look? Do you love lace and leather?

12 thoughts on “What Do I Wear?!?! Leather and Lace

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  1. Cute! I love mixing the two – although my leather jacket, bought at the GAP almost 20 years ago (I couldn’t resist, it has a leather hood and was just too cool back then) is starting to wear thin at the seams 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks love! Omg I love it, there is something so timeless about a leather jacket. I hate when that happens. Especially if you can’t find something similar…or the exact item. ;p ❤


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